Dead Sea Region Accommodation Options

The Dead Sea region offers unique vacation opportunities. The Dead Sea itself is well known for the variety of health benefits that come with visiting it. The desert area around the Dead Sea is nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful and packed with attractions such oasis nourished by rivers or natural sprigs, 4X4 desert adventures, hikes of all difficulty levels, historical sites such as Masada, the Qumran national park, Qasr el Yahud and more. The sky at night is crystal clear, the desert air fresh and rejuvenating. A Dead Sea vacation can be anything you want it to be, relaxed and laid back, action packed, a family annual getaway or an unforgettable romantic holiday spent with your spouse.

Whatever your plans for your Dead Sea vacation you will be glad to know that there is a wide variety of dead sea accommodation options in the region. You can choose to stay at a Dead Sea spa hotel in Israel, one of the many hotels near the Dead Sea, or you may prefer a privately owned Zimmer, a Desert Khan, a small Inn, a hostel etc. We've gathered for you some pointers regarding the different accommodation options and tips on how to choose lodgings which best suit your needs and preferences.

A Zimmer, Desert Khan, an Inn or a Dead Sea Spa Hote

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth and draws to it tourists from all over the world who choose to visit this unique haven with its mineral rich mud, naturally UV filtered sunshine, desert surroundings and myriad of attractions. It is hardly surprising that there are numerous accommodation options in the region. In order to choose correctly you first need to ask yourself where do you picture yourself staying, a Zimmer, a Khan, an Inn or a dead sea hotel in israel.

The main advantage of a Zimmer is privacy. It's easy to find a Zimmer in the small towns and villages near the Dead Sea, such as Neot Hakikar, Vered Jericho, Ein Tamar, Almog and Arad.
A desert Khan is right for those longing to connect with nature. They are less costly but also less comfortable. There are hostels near the Dead Sea, the most popular are in Mesada and Ein Gedi.
Most Hotels near the Dead Sea are located along Ein Bokek beach, some are at Hemei Zohar and one hotel is in kibbutz Ein Gedi.

Advantages of Staying at Hotels near the Dead Sea, Hotel Lot In Particular
Choosing to stay at a Dead Sea spa hotel in Israel, especially a well know one such as Hotel Lot, ensures that you will be pampered throughout your Dead Sea vacation. A hotel right on the water line means easy access to a private beach. A top quality hotel offers exquisite dinning, interesting company, great facilities and a staff dedicated to making you comfortable.

Finally, here's a tip that will help you choose accommodations which are perfect for you. Don't go by price alone, compare options keeping in mind the benefits and what they are worth to you.

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