באנר עליון

Terms of Service


  1. The Internet site, www.lothotel.com, www.lothotel.co.il, is the official site of Lot SPA Hotel. Hereinafter the site. The owner of the site is Nihul Vetiful Yamom Vehagamim limied company, number 51110204 the operator of Lot hotel, limited company, number 550013718, Hereinafter the hotel.
  2. Room reservations can be made directly to the hotel phone number:972-8-6689200 or through this Internet site.
  3. Reservations through this site can be made with specific conditions. Users must declare that they have read the "Rules and Regulations" form and agree to the conditions in full. Users must also agree that they, or any third party acting on their behalf, will not lodge any complaint and / or demand and / or lawsuit directly and / or indirectly against the Internet site and / or against the hotel and / or anyone operating on their behalf.

3.1     Users making reservations through this Internet site are required to fill in their personal details, including ID or passport number and credit card details.

3.2     Filling any incorrect personal details will result in taking legal action against the customer for any damages that may be caused to the Internet site and / or to the hotel and / or to a third part on their behalf.

3.3     The credit card details forwarded through the Internet site are for the purpose of securing the reservation and for charging in cases of cancellation conditions.

3.4     The actual payment for the stay will be made in the hotel upon departure.

3.5      At the end of the online reservation process, the customer will receive an automatic e-mail message confirming the reservation. The customer is required to print the contents of this message or to present it upon arrival at the hotel reception. 

3.6     No double offers and discount will be offered when ordering through the website, unless explicitly determined otherwise.

  1. Parts of the Website (as defined hereinabove) and of these Terms & Conditions are written in a muscular form for convenience only, and all the provisions hereto and the content presented on the Website addresses both genders.


Ownership and Copyright

The copyright to the Website and any other modules related to the Website are the exclusive property of the Company. The trademarks and icons, including the logo displayed on this Website are lawfully registered as the Company’s trademarks and may not be used for any purpose without obtaining prior written consent of the Company. The User may not make any use of rights reserved to the Company and/or any third party, including the copyrights and trademarks disclosed when using the Website. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, publish, sell, transmit, photograph or alter the information provided on the Website or any part thereof, without prior written consent of the Company.


Conditions and limitations 

  1. The prices quoted in the Hebrew Internet site, are in New Israeli Shekels, including VAT and are intended for Israeli citizens only.
  2. The prices quoted in the English Internet site are in U.S. Dollars and are intended for foreign citizens only (who do not hold an Israeli citizenship).
  3. The actual payment for foreign citizens will be executed upon arrival at the hotel in foreign currency or in Shekels in accordance with the exchanged rate published by the bank of Israel on the day of payment.
  4. The hotel is free to change the conditions and rates at any time.
  5. The number of available rooms at the hotel is limited. Therefore, a confirmation of a reservation is subject to availability only.
  6. The stay of the guest will start from 3:00 pm, Check in time and departure no later than 11:00 am. Arrival and / or departure on different hours require the hotel's approval and might involve an additional fee.
  7. Baby – under 2 years of age. Child between 2 till 12 years of age.
  8. Hotel reservations are to be made by adults above the age of 18. The accommodation of children and youth under the age of 18 is available only if accompanied by an adult over the age of 21.
  9. The pictures on this website are for illustration purposes only and do not oblige the hotel.
  10. The hotel is not responsible to any error made by the user regarding the reservation details, error of dates, age or number of guests, number of rooms or any other services that booked through the website.
  11. It is clarified that the user is a private user only in ordering a vacation and/or services from the website for private use and not for the purpose of selling the proposed vacation and/or the proposed services by way of collective sale and/or wholesale and/or sale of more than 5 rooms per order at the same time. Use of the website other than private use, shall entitle the hotel to take measures at their disposal in accordance with the provisions set forth in any law against the persons engaged in the collective sale as said.
  12. Placing an order:

12.1 Orders are placed by entering all the needed information in Details of Purchase.

12.2 Placing an Order Using a Credit Card:
The entered credit card information is used only to secure the order. After entering credit card information the buyer will receive an automated email message confirming the reservation. Buyers must print the confirmation and bring it to the hotel, and hand it to the front desk. Order confirmation is automatic in online reservations, the client's credit card will be charged only upon arrival to the hotel.

12.3 To clear any doubts, by ordering services from Lot SPA hotel, you agree to receive direct messages including receiving mail containing commercial content/ advertisement, and that you shall receive the information in any way you chose. In addition, you may, at any time, notify the hotel that you are no longer willing to receive any electronic messages, by sending an e-mail to office@lothotel.co.il

  1. Cancelation Policy:
  2. 13.1 Canceling orders must be done in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law of 5741 -1981 (hereinafter: the "Consumer Protection Law"),including the regulations thereof, and after the Ordering Party, as defined in Lot SPA Hotel Terms and Conditions, has placed an order through the Website's reservation system, and received the booking confirmation document.

    13.2 An Ordering Party may cancel a transaction, subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, as in any of the following means:
    • Orally, i.e - by phone: +972-(0)8-6689200, or directly at the offices. • By registered mail to the Reservation department. • By e-mail:
    • By Fax: +972-8-6584662. • Online (through the Website's reservation system).

    13.3. Cancellation of a reservation shall be done within 14 days from the date the booking was made, or from the date of receipt of the booking confirmation document.

    13.4. Upon cancellation of a reservation, effected within 14 days from the date the booking was made or from the date of receipt of the booking confirmation document (whichever is later), and provided that the cancellation date is not within 7 days (that are not rest days), prior to the check-in date, the Ordering Party will be charged with a cancellation fee in the sum of NIS 100 (hundred) or 5% (Five percent) of the value of the order, whichever is lower.

    13.5. Upon cancellation of a reservation stated under clause 13.4 above, effected 14 days after the date the booking was made, or after the date of receipt of the booking confirmation document (whichever is later), and provided that the cancellation date is not within 7 days (that are not rest days), prior to the check-in date, the Ordering Party will be charged with a cancellation fee in the sum of 100 (hundred) NIS.

    13.6. Upon cancellation of a reservation stated under clause 13.4 above, effected within 7 days (that are not rest days), prior to the check-in date, the Ordering Party will be charged with a cancellation fee in the sum of 25% (twenty-five percent) of the value of the order (regardless of the time that has elapsed from the date the booking was made).

    13.7. Upon non-arrival to the hotel, regarding a reservation stated under clause 13.4 above, without providing a due cancellation notice, the Ordering Party will be charged with a cancellation fee in the sum of 50% (fifty percent) of the value of the order.

    13.8. Cancellation of a reservation without cancellation fee:

    It is hereby clarified, that a reservation can be canceled, free of cancellation charge, due to a discrepancy between the booked reservation and the booking details provided to the Ordering Party following the booking procedure, and / or due to failure to provide accommodation services regarding the reservation date, and / or due to a defect and / or breach of agreement, all as set out in clause 14E (a) of the Consumer Protection Law.

    It is also clarified that in addition to the abovementioned cases in this Clause, in which a reservation can be canceled without payment of a cancellation fee in accordance to the law, Lot SPA hotel may also, in its sole discretion, exempt the Ordering Party from paying a cancellation fee for the cancellation of the reservation. 


  3. Any changes of reservation made through the website, must be done through the Hotel reservations – days Sunday till Thursday between 08:00 till 17:00, Friday and holiday eve between 08:00-14:00. Telephone 972-8-6689200, email: lot_resm@lothotel.co.il. The hotel is not obligate to approve or confirm any changes. 

The Company shall not be held liable for any type of damage caused as a result of failure/delay/ or any viruses in consequence of using and/or an attempt to use the Website, including use for purposes of ordering Services and/or obtaining information, and the User shall raise no claims and/or demands against the Company and the Website Operator and/or any of their representatives in that regard.



Security and Privacy Protection

  1. The Company shall not communicate the User’s personal information to any other party and shall not make any use of the User’s payment details for any purposes other than payment for the Purchase the User wishes to make.
  2. Notwithstanding of the above, the Company shall be entitled to communicate the personal details of a user to a third party in the event the User committed an act or omission that harm and/or that may harm the Company and/or any third parties or the User made use of the Company’s Services for the purpose of committing an illegal act and/or if the Company received a judicial order instructing it to deliver the User details to a third party and in any conflict or legal proceedings.