Fun Day at the Spa in the Dead Sea

A vacation at the Dead Sea is a unique experience which combines visiting the lowest place on earth, a myriad of attractions, numerous health benefits, breathtaking desert surroundings and, of course, enjoying treatments at a Dead sea spa. It is also possible to spend just one day at a Dead Sea spa resort, a short getaway allowing for rejuvenation of body and mind.
If you too feel in need of a short breather from the busy schedule we all lead, if you're looking for somewhere to go for several hours of relaxation, a Dead Sea spa day at hotel Lot is exactly what you need.

An Unforgettable Day at a Posh Dead Sea Spa

Picture yourself shedding off all your worries, slipping into a white bath robe and entering the lush surroundings of a Dead Sea spa considered to be one of the best to be found at any Dead Sea spa resort. At hotel Lot's Lotusspa you can enjoy a variety of treatments such as many types of massages, health and beauty treatments, sauna, Jacuzzi, Sulfur pools, ultra-sound wave treatments, a fully equipped gym and much more.
Hotel Lot offers several Dead Sea spa day packages, you too are invited to choose whether you wish to spend just one day at the spa, if you want to have a room at your disposal or if you wish to stay longer, spend the night or even a few days enjoying an unforgettable vacation.

Dead Sea Spa Resort Complete with a Private Beach

Hotel Lot is well known as one of the best hotels in the Dead Sea area. Among the many attractions guests enjoy is a private beach easily accessible right from the hotel itself. The private beach is considered to be one of the loveliest beaches of the Dead Sea, here you may float effortlessly on the water, soak in some sun, lay in the shade, enjoy a cool drink and even rub on some miracle working Dead Sea mud.
A Dead Sea spa day spent at a resort with a private beach means that besides the pampering and treatments you choose to have at the spa you can also spend some time outdoors, on the beach, experience bathing in the salt water which makes your body float magically, rest and rejuvenate.

Fun Filled Dead Sea Spa Day

Spending a day at a Dead Sea Spa can be much more than just getting treatments, sitting in a sauna or soaking in a sulfur pool. At hotel Lot all guests, Dead Sea spa day visitors included, can enjoy activities and attractions, both culinary and others.
If you are contemplating taking time off to visit a Dead Sea Spa, you can do no better than to pick hotel Lot Dead Sea spa resort. You may choose between several spa day packages or have one tailor made for you, including in it the treatments you prefer, leaving time off to visit the private beach, to wine and dine and to have fun making the most of the top class facilities.
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