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Norwegian Medical Workshop - Lot Spa Hotel

Norwegian Medical Workshop

The 9th Norwegian Medical Workshop at the Dead Sea
The 9th Norwegian Workshop at the Dead Sea was held 23rd – 26th November 2015 and was organized by the Norwegian Dead Sea Foundation in collaboration with the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev's Department of Health Sciences, Beer Sheva, Soroka University Medical Center's Department of Immunology, Beer Sheva, Dead Sea and Arava Science Center, Ein Gedi and the DMZ Medical Center, Dødehavsklinikken, Ein Bokek.
Recital - Lot Spa Hotel

The first China-Israel symposium on Dead-Sea Climatotherapy

This exceptional event took place at the Lot Spa Hotel, Ein Bokek, on Thursday December 15th, 2016, in collaboration with the DMZ Medical center and HM Medical Solution.


A delegation of 13 top-dermatologists from China, all leading professors in their fields, landed for the first time in Israel for a 5-day stay and attended lectures given by the most eminent scientists in the field of Climatotherapy.


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Prof. Avraham Kudish, from Ben Gurion University opened the sessions, followed by Prof. Sima Halevy, from the Ben Gurion University, former president of the Israeli Dermatologists Association and head of the Department of Dermatology at the Soroka University Medical Center. Their lectures described very well the unique advantages of the Dead Sea area for patients suffering from skin diseases.


During the conference, the leader professor of the invited guests, Prof. Min ZHENG, described the magnitude of the skin diseases in China and particularly the burden of Psoriasis in his country.


The lecture of Prof. Zvi Bentwitch, head of the medical branch at the Dead Sea and Arava Research Center, shed light on the latest and amazing achievements of his team and open the way of future cooperation with China research scientists.


Finally, Dr. Marco Harari, medical director at the DMZ Medical Center, uncovered the exceptional results reached by Dead Sea Climatotherapy in Psoriasis and other skin diseases.


Participants and organizers of this very-first event were pleased to share their experiences and concluded the seminar-day by a tour at the hotel facilities and spa, showing their great satisfaction. Some of them even started talks regarding the eventuality of treating the first Chinese patients in the next months, at the Dead Sea.

Czech- Rotary Project  - Lot Spa Hotel

Czech- Rotary Project

The main purpose of this project was to help children suffering from atopic dermatitis to come to the Dead Sea in order to receive natural Dead Sea Climatotherapy treatment. The project included three separate sessions of 4 weeks each. Each session consisted of about 25 children accompanied by a parent during their stay at the Lot Spa Hotel. The project was supported by the Czech Rotary Organization and with the cooperation of the DMZ Medical Center and the Lot Spa Hotel.
The OECD Tourism Committee - Lot Spa Hotel

The OECD Tourism Committee, Jerusalem October 2010

Mr. Nechemia Ben-Porat, the Lot SPA Hotel General Manager, has presented the hotel vision on sustainable tourism and its approach towards the environmental issues.