Lot Spa Hotel at the Dead Sea

Dead Sea Holidays Packages & Deals

Lot Dead Sea Spa Hotel – Deals and Packages
Vacationing at the Dead Sea is always enjoyable, especially when finding a good deal for hotels by the Dead Sea, thus making the vacation cost-effective and fun. The Lot Dead Sea Hotel provides special deals, which allow anyone to vacation in this special spot. It is highly recommended to follow the specific deals and stay up – to – date on the latest packages.
One of the exquisite deals the Lot Dead Sea Hotel offers is provided to those arriving on Saturday night. Keys are given starting at 19:00, and the price includes breakfast, dinner and free access to the amazing spa on premises. Another special deal is the free lunch and free spa entrance package. The spa at The Lot provides various treatment packages at a wide range of prices. In general, when searching for deals, the Dead Sea is at the top list of professional treatments, and highly recommended for relaxation.
We at the Lot Hotel offer for your pleasure amazing vacations deals and experiences by the Dead Sea – holydays deals which typically include breakfast, dinner and free span entrance including Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year).
The Lot Dead Sea Hotel constantly update their deals, to create a variety of price ranges and services. When searching for a vacation deal, remember to check the hotel standards, and not just the price. The Lot prides itself in a warm and welcoming design, comfortable and spacious rooms, amazing view and of course the amazing on-premise spa.