Dead Sea Spa Care Clinic

Dead Sea Spa Care Clinic

Our Dead Sea Spa care clinic offers a treatment for several rheumatologic and orthopedic conditions, utilizing a new technique administered by Dr. Alexander Yakobov, an experienced physician specializing in orthopedic rehabilitation. our dead sea spa care treatment involves the use of ultra-sound waves.
Dr. Alexander Yakobov is on the medical staff of the DMZ Medical Center, Dead Sea Clinic.


our dead sea spa care treatment


Treatment with Ultra-sound waves - Lot Spa Hotel

Treatment with Ultra-sound waves

Ultra-sound waves are a new and effective   technology applied in the fields of orthopedics, trauma, urology,and more. It has successfully replaced the use of intrusive surgery when conservative approaches such medicines, physical therapy and other medicines are not effective. This technology was developed in Europe in the1990’s. A “Radialspec” (Israel) ultra-sound wave instrument is utilized in our clinic.The ultra-sound wave treatment protocol involves the use of waves of defined medicinal properties introduced into the body tissue (up to a depth of 60 mm) and acting on the affected area.  The natural body functions are activated, rejuvenating the cells and improving the blood flow and metabolism in the region under treatment 
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Tissue vibration treatment - Lot Spa Hotel

Tissue Vibration- Treatment with a HIVAMAT-200 Instrument

Deep tissue vibration is a new technology that is based upon the use of an electromagnetic field that was developed by engineers at a leading German medical instrumentation manufacturer “Physomed” More Details
The medical effect on the patient - Lot Spa Hotel

The medical effect on the patient

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